Simple nature living, single guy, looks for female partner
Location: new zealand - MCS safe situation

Hi, my name is River.

I am a fit youthful single guy and I live a beautiful simple nature based non-commercial non-toxic life,

in a remote beautiful mountain forest area in new zealand.

I am focused to grow all my own organic food, 

I craft all my non-toxic, natural plant fiber clothes from plant fibers I have growing here,

and am opening in to pottery.

I feel simple nature living is the true love way, that we are all one family,

as Creator's love gifts of creation,

can be shared for everything for a beautiful simple nature living life.


simple nature living, does not poison, pollute and destroy Creator's

love gift of earth,

or cause sickness, including mcs.

I find it very beautiful to craft from nature, and live a simple nature, survival, self sufficiency non-commercial, non-toxic life.

I have been focused with simple nature living for many years.

I looking for a female partner, any age/look, who would like to join me here with the beautiful non-commercial, non-toxic, simple nature living life.

If this interests you, please feel free to contact me.

River :)