A personal note from Mountain Tree


I felt to share something that gives a bit of an insight to me.
Hey nana Hey.

Butterfly Valley


I wish I was a male butterfly, with a female butterfly company, in a butterfly community and we lived in a Nayana give valley, where all life is sacred, beautiful and calm.

With the sacred butterfly community, all is shared, none are with out, and all support sacred company, sacred community, that we all be as one family in Nayana.

In the sacred valley the all beautiful living Light of Nayana can be felt.
Life is radiant, without fear or depression.
The smell of Nayana's sacred creation is pristine.
All is always fresh.
Hey nana Hey.

In this Nayana give beautiful, sacred valley, with its gentle streams and trees vibrant green, it would be beautiful to look at my sacred fema-le butterfly company, and tell her that I lo-ve her, that I would hide nothing from her, and would never abandon her.
Oh the beautifulness of 
Nayana honoring, sacred company.
Hey nana Hey.

And in the beautiful warmth of the Nayana give sacred  eth ir (sun),  it would be beautiful to 
hold wings together, to comb your hair, to be together, to hold hands the whole sleep through. 
honoring, sacred life is so simple.
Hey nana Hey.

In the Nayana give beautiful, sacred valley, come fly with me, my darling.
Hey nana Hey

We pause for a drink of Nayana give sacred os. (water) and as we go to receive the beautiful Nayana give sacred nectar, I give you a sacred kiss

No capitalist focus here, all is given with the beautiful Nayana give of Creation.
Hey nana Hey.

This sacred simple way, has been, and is, my whole life focus and it would be beautiful to share the sacred ways with you.
Hey nana Hey

I craft all my non-toxic clothes from Nayana give sacred fibre plants growing here.
Hey nana Hey. 

Male Butterfly