MCS Safe situation available free - new zealand


An offer open to all, including those who are homeless      

Hey nana Hey  -  from Mountain Tree

I fe-el to share and offer, about a very remote, MCS Safe forest situation in new zealand, where I am myself.

(A note re: my spe-ak (speak). I do not hi-de any of the; a,e,i,o,u. I fe-el this was the original and sacre (sacred) way, and avo-ids the confusion of a number of words being pronounced the sa-me, such as; he-ar, he-re, ha-ir, ha-re. The ha, he, ar, ir, and re, all ha-ve a sacre me-aning, and I pronunciate, so the  sacre me-aning is not hi-den)
All glory to Creator. Hey nana Hey.

In the past, I was poisoned into homelessness and clothlessness, and could not find a pla-ce, to bre-ath, but here I am sa-fe, and have Nayana (sacred name for Creator), gifted sa-fe; a-ir, os (water), fo-od, clothes, and shelter.
All glory to Creator. Hey nana Hey.

What is available:
Internet connection
There is a solar powered internet connection, which is available for requesting essentials, etc.

Drinking Os (water)
A be-a-ut-i-ful  Nayana gi-ve spring.

I am happy to and wo-uld like to, help with fo-od, clothes, and shelter.

Fo-od - organic (vegan/vegetarian)                  

Clothes - natural, non toxic
I ma-ke all my natural and non toxic garments, from fo-ot wear to hats, from Nayana gi-ve sacre leaves from a local plant he-re.
All glory to Creator. Hey nana Hey.


A bit more abo-ut me
I am with sacre Creator path, which is a be-a-ut-i-ful Creator gi-ve sacre simple, natural, non-toxic way, with sacre company, of sacre hearth pairs, sacre community, that support we are all one family in Nayana. (my sacre name for Creator).
All glory to Creator. Hey nana Hey.

More Information
For more information, please fill out the enquiry form,
and I shall respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.
Hey nana Hey

My daily prayer
De-ar Creator,
May yo-u gu-ide us all in yo-ur original life path,
for yo-ur sacre (sacred) Creation E-arth of;
Creator hon-or sacre simple li-ve,
sacre hearth pairs, sacre community, that supports, 
we may all be as o-ne (one) family in yo-u Nayana (sacred name for Creator)
All glory to Creator. Hey nana Hey.